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Mayan Calendar 2012 End Times Prediction


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along with its human societies is said to be in accordance with the "Mayan calendar which predicts the end of time to occur on the 21st of December (2012)..." Play trailer below:

While the majority of most people who watch a movie like '2012' are fully aware that it's merely the creation of Hollywood's fantasy machine and not intended to be taken seriously, the impact of this film along with the bombardment of television programming which preceeded it (and subsequently followed) did much to create a widespread public perception that the ancient Maya used their calendar system to predict such a doomsday. In truth, there is no artifact or archeological finding that has ever been uncovered which would support this type of assertion. It simply doesn't exist. So then, again, the question becomes where did this notion come from?

Creation of a Pop Culture Phenomena Using Limited Artifacts & Dubious Speculations

Although the majority of all knowledge on the greatness of our ancient Mayan ancestors has been lost due to the cultural genocide raged against them in the fires set by Spanish invaders in obeyance of orders from the Holy Roman Catholic Church, four ancient texts known as the Maya 'codices' (singularly called a 'codex') have survived. In addition to these important ancient manuscripts which for the most part function as almanacs providing astronomical and ritualistic recordings, a couple later (Post-Conquest) written sources, namely the Popol Vuh and the Chilam Balam (a series of 9 manuscripts), are often used as the main historical references cited for theorizing contemporary society's beliefs about ancient Maya culture and mythology.

It is primarily through these written sources, along with the study of existing Mayan ruins containing carved inscriptions, other ancient artifacts found such as pottery, and the groundbreaking work of Russian epigrapher Yuri Knorosov (who was instrumental in the decipherment of many Mayan glyphs), that, modern Mayanist scholars have been able to formulate their individual theories concerning the significance of certain Mayan recordings.

Specifically regarding the Mayan calendar system and our present understanding of the end to its current long count cycle (the 13th Baktun), it was through the combined working efforts of Joseph T. Goodman, Juan H. Martinez-Hernandez, and J. Eric S. Thompson, that a correlation of the dates between the Mayan calendar system with that of our modern Gregorian calendar was able to be made. From this critical understanding, a determination of the Mayan calendar's long count end date of December 21, 2012 was then thus able to be determined with a general consensus of agreement amongst most Mayanist scholars living today.

Now, because December 21, 2012 falls on the winter solstice, which also happens to coincide with a periodic astronomical event where the Sun, the earth, and the mid-section of the plane of the Milky Way are in rough alignment with one another, many in the New Age community have been using this reoccuring astronomical phenomena in relation with the coinciding end of the Mayan calendar long count cycle as a means to promote a plethora of pseudo-scientific New Age pronouncements. Some are seemingly far-fetched. An example would be what can read in Jose Arguelles' 1987 book entitled, The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology, which deems December 21, 2012 as our planet's particular moment in time when humanity will be presented with a great opportunity to develop gain levels of consciousness due to the completion of our passage through...